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FORT SOLIS Review for PlayStation 5

Fort Solis is a single-player psychological thriller developed by Fallen Leaf Studios and published by Dear Villagers. The game features a cast of talented voice actors, including Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2), Troy Baker (Joel Miller from The Last of Us), and Julia Brown (Fliss from Until Dawn). The game is also powered by Unreal Engine 5, which allows for stunning visuals and realistic environments.

Fort Solis is set in a futuristic world, where humans have been able to land on planet Mars and set up a few settlements. Fort Solis is one of the settlements and two of the technicians, while working on some hub nearby, receives an emergency signal from Fort Solis, to which Jack Leary, the main protagonist, responds to. The game definitely has a very interesting way to narrate the story. As the player enters Fort Solis, with emergency lockdown and finds a way to enter, there is no other human at the location. Players will have to slowly get the access to each different department building through a central hub called Atrium and receive the video logs and audio logs to get the whole backstory of what exactly has happened there. 

FORT SOLIS Review for PlayStation 5

The gameplay is mostly very basic, as a third person game, but there is no running mechanic, only during certain events you will run, or else most of the time is just walking around, and trying to interact with any interactable item. During certain moments, there are quick time events available in addition. Players are free to explore the whole facility as long they have the proper access or right items to get through.

Depending on how much you have explored, there can be different endings achieved. The game is pretty much the duration of a night, and is divided into 4 chapters, first two chapters with our main protagonist and last half with Jack Leary’s colleague, as the protagonist. 

The background music and the lighting of the environment, does give it a horror vibe to it, and keeps the player wanting to uncover more and finding out what and how things happened, and where the crew disappeared to. 

There are a few bugs, though, that include certain quick time events (QTE) not registering properly, as I even tried restarting from last checkpoint before the QTE, and it was still buggy as my keys were not registering, and there are other issues with texture popping and UI issues where the controls just get locked for a few seconds.

Though overall, the game is still amazing and QTE’s are not that frequent, I did feel that there should have been some faster traversing mechanic, but I think that might be one of the ways the devs wanted to tell the story.

Fort Solis is definitely worth playing, and I would rate this 8 stars out of 10.

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