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MADZIK Demo Impressions for Steam

Introduction/Information about Madzik

Madzik, by developer and publisher BKOM Studios, is a game that is currently set to launch for PC via Steam in 2024. However, there is a demo that has recently been released during Steam Next Fest. Madzik is a cooperative, narrative driven hack and slash adventure game where players will fight their way through hordes of enemies using different kinds of attacks to their advantage. I enjoy hack and slash games. I would say they are one of my favorite game genres, so I was very excited to see how this game played out. After playing the Madzik demo, I am happy to say that the hack and slash gameplay for this game is very fun. I also believe that BKOM Studios is on a good track for the development of this game.

MADZIK Demo Impressions for Steam


The gameplay for Madzik is simple and easy to understand. Players will have two different characters they can play as. The first player, and the one I found myself using the most, is a winged bear named Makino. He specializes in strong melee attacks, using his hammer to attack enemies. The other player is a puppet looking spellcaster named Veroline. She specializes in strong magic attacks that can wipe enemies out. Players can switch between these characters as they are playing through the levels. They each come with their own set of attacks and health, so switching between characters can also prove to be useful. The player will have two standard attacks consisting of light and heavy attacks. These are the player’s primary ways of attacking their enemies. However, they also have unique attacks that can deal with swarms of enemies. These attacks do require a cooldown, so players should think carefully when to use these attacks. Of course, the player will also have a dash button. Use this to get out of overwhelming situations, or players can just use it to get around faster. As players defeat enemies, they will fill a meter below their health bar. This meter allows the player to transform. Doing this creates a new moveset for the player, giving them new and better ways to destroy their foes. This state is only there for a brief time, however. Players will return to normal once the meter empties. As players play through each level, there will be chances of the level entering Moon Madness. This will cause the environment of the level to change, as well as turning certain enemies stronger. Players must use every attack at their disposal to defeat their enemies and make it to the goal.

MADZIK Demo Impressions for Steam

Final thoughts

Overall, I believe that Madzik is a very fun hack and slash game that is on a good track for development. This game has plenty of potential, so I hope BKOM continues their development process so that the game can be ready for release this year. If you are the kind of player who enjoys simple yet fun hack and slash games, then I would highly recommend playing Madzik when it releases this year for PC via Steam.

Madzik is now available to wishlist for PC via Steam,

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