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MADZIK Handcrafted World with Nostalgic 80s Vibe Demo Now Live via Steam Next Fest

BKOM Studios invites players to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Madzik, an upcoming cooperative, narrative-driven hack and slash adventure with a nostalgic 80s vibe set to launch in 2024. Players will have an early opportunity to rise to the challenges of Zikverländ and harness the power of Moon Madness with an exclusive Steam Next Fest demo on February 5th.

At the heart of Zikverländ lies the influence of the Moons, celestial bodies that govern the ebb and flow of magic in the realm. As players traverse through the adventure, the Moon Madness comes into play, altering environments and presenting unique power-ups and enemies based on the lunar cycle. All of the creatures throughout Zikverländ are subject to formidable moon transformations à la Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, including our heroes. Our heroes embrace their feral and spectral states. This duality empowers them with diverse abilities, allowing for strategic shifts in combat.

Within Zikverländ, two unique heroes – Makino and Veroline – contribute to the cooperative hack and slash experience with their distinct abilities. As players progress, they will unravel the engaging lore of Zikverländ, forge alliances, overcome challenges, and immerse themselves in a world where every note of music and every pixel on the screen echoes the spirit of that iconic era, from the neon-soaked lands to the engaging soundtracks.

MADZIK Handcrafted World with Nostalgic 80s Vibe Demo Now Live via Steam Next Fest

Zikverländ awaits. Will you answer its call? Experience the might of Moon Madness when Madzik launches in 2024. Madzik is now available to wishlist on Steam, and the exclusive Steam Next Fest demo will be available from February 5th through February 12th.

Keep up to date by joining the official Discord server, liking Madzik on Facebook, and following BKOM Studios on X.

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