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Persona 3 Reload Review for Xbox

Persona 3 Reload Review for Xbox

Greetings Gamers! Greg from Gaming Cypher here to talk to you about a classic revitalized for a new generation, Persona 3 Reload. The franchise has always been popular, especially with JRPG fans, but after Persona 5 significant interest has been placed on the series from first-time players new to the games. So this revitalization of P3 couldn’t have come at a better time.

I’ve been one of those people for years hearing how good this series is from friends like Nick Navarro but somehow still never picking it up, even after getting Persona 5 for free from PlayStation Plus. Well, that streak has finally ended and I got to try out the classic game brought up to date Persona 3 Reload. For some clarity, if you weren’t aware this JRPG masterpiece was originally released for the PlayStation 2, in 2006, It has now undergone a refreshing overhaul, bringing enhanced visuals, improved mechanics, and a host of new features that continue to captivate gamers, both new and old.

Persona 3 Reload Review for Xbox

I was shocked when I first started the game by its beautiful anime-style cut scenes and engaging music. I wasn’t quite prepared to enjoy the game instantly. But when it comes to mixing anime-style and video games I’m usually on board. I’ve since gone back and looked at what the original game looked like and I’m still quite impressed by the animated cut scenes and had I found this game on PS2 back then I would have been quite taken as well.

Persona 3 Reload still retains the gripping, dark, and moody narrative that made the original game a classic. Players take the role of the Protagonist, a new transfer student at the boarding school, Gekkoukan High School. When first arriving on a late train the protagonist is greeted with blood and caskets lining the streets. He has mistakenly wandered into a hidden time between days. This is only a taste of the strange things to come in this massive game with many players logging nearly 100 hours on the game.

Persona 3 Reload Review for Xbox

It’s easy to focus on the strange and mysterious with such an intriguing opening but Persona 3 Reload boasts a huge and diverse social simulator allowing players to plunge into the depths of the human personas around school and its surrounding areas. It may even seem hard to make time to do everything in your social life and fight the haunting shadows at night. Keeping that busy social schedule though does help the game in many ways. There is a Social Link system, where players build relationships with various characters, which remains a crucial aspect, impacting both the story and impacts the protagonist’s Personas.

Persona 3 Reload Review for Xbox

Persona 3 Reload is designed to enhance players’ overall experience in today’s gaming climate and as a first-time player of the Persona series, I can say I never would have guessed it was a game from 2006. The cinematics, gameplay, music, and voice acting are top-notch, but all give way to the great story and interpersonal connection the foundation of this game is built on. It’s clear to me I will be playing many more Persona games in the future. Persona 3 Reload easily earns a 9/10. This is a JRPG masterpiece but some may not enjoy some of the darker subject matter.

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