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The Rogue Prince of Persia Preview for Steam Early Access

The Rogue Prince of Persia Preview for Steam Early Access

Greetings, Gamers! Greg here from Gaming Cypher to chat with you about one of my long-time favorite series, Prince of Persia, this latest entry into the catalog is called The Rogue Prince Of Persia. Its currently on Steam in Early Access the Devs at Evil Empire wanted to make the best game they could put out with the blessing of UBISOFT the idea here being to get feedback from the community to create the best sidescroller rogue-lite they could make. In even just the short time The Rogue Prince Of Persia has been in early access Evil Empire has already made some updates so they are working diligently on the game as you read this.

The Rogue Prince Of Persia reminds me of the original game if the Prince went back and made it more fluid and in a fun artsy cartoonish style. The movement while parkouring around levels and fighting enemies is simple because of the simplified buttons and loudouts. Once you master it though it allows for players to worry about making it through areas rather than concentrating on complicated move sets, this is important due to the rogue-lite aspects of the game.

The Rogue Prince of Persia Preview for Steam Early Access

A truly skilled player could hypothetically make it through the game in one run on the first try, but that seems like a tall order, for the rest of us who can’t make it on the first run. There are many things to keep the game fresh with procedurally generated levels constantly changing a run. Different upgrades and resources to use in the shop. And a variety of weapons to keep combat fresh and interesting. However, once you are comfortable with a weapon, its exact range, and striking speed, it’s hard to substitute out for another. Since precision is so important in this game a few missteps the run could be over. Wall run off the background or drop down into combat either way if you are surprised by a swarm of enemies every health point counts on your run so choosing to enter a battle or run away could drastically effect the outcome of a run.

If you are familiar with the Prince of Persia series you know that it is heavily tied to both time parkour and manipulation of time. So in a fun twist of the genre, it really feels like a component that the prince would have used many times before. No need for the sands of time this time around just fail your run and go back to the beginning but not all is lost. I love this team-up for the Prince’s series.

The Rogue Prince of Persia Preview for Steam Early Access

Since this game is still in early access we can expect the game to expand in the future, but who knows what the scope of that expansion will be. Optimistic players may think that more levels and boss fights are coming while others may think a polish is all that’s left for the game. Either way, I think the game is already worth a purchase in early access as it’s a fun inexpensive game. This early access version of The Rogue Prince Of Persia gets an 8/10 and is well worth the hours on the controller.

You can get The Rogue Prince of Persia for PC via Steam Early Access on sale for $15.99 (sale ends July 11).

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