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Ruff Ghanor Review for PlayStation 5

Ruff Ghanor Review for PlayStation 5

Greetings Gamers! Greg here from Gaming Cypher here to talk about the newest addition to the deckbuilding genre, Ruff Ghanor. It’s an interesting story-driven deck-building game based on a novel with rogue-lite aspects. Following the hijinks of Ruff Ghanor and his friend this deck-building game means to play big or not at all. Losing all your health points will restart the game.

After a brief introduction to the world, players dive right into problems. Ruff and his friends have, in defending themselves, put a target on their back. Giving way to different options, training, and deck modifications to make the experience feel much more customized.

At its core, Ruff Ghanor combines traditional deckbuilding mechanics with strategic combat elements, creating a seamless and engaging experience. Build and customize your deck by acquiring powerful cards, each offering unique abilities and effects the combination of these cards being a part of preparing for battle. Partnering with allies helps add an extra layer of complexity to this deck builder Ruff doesn’t have to fight all the monsters alone with his friends who boast different skills and are trained and ready to fight for the village together. Currency earned throughout gameplay can be traded for customizing your deck by upgrading cards, duplicating them, or removing them. This allows players to have many play-style options throughout the game.

Ruff Ghanor Review for PlayStation 5

The game unfolds across various stages, each presenting its own set of challenges and adversaries. As you progress, you’ll encounter formidable foes, treacherous dungeons, and valuable treasures waiting to be uncovered. Strategic decision-making is key, as you must carefully manage your resources, plan your moves, and adapt to ever-changing circumstances. This can be done while keeping your eye on the prize a progress bar can be seen at the map view as players decide where their adventure takes them next.

Ruff Ghanor Review for PlayStation 5

What sets Ruff Ghanor apart is its innovative combat system, Engage in thrilling skirmishes against enemies, utilizing your cards’ abilities to unleash devastating attacks, bolster defenses, or turn the tide of battle in your favor. With each victory, you’ll earn rewards and unlock new cards to further enhance your deck-building arsenal.

Ruff Ghanor boasts vibrant and detailed artwork, bringing the fantastical world to life. Though most of the game is still images that are animated from one angle the detailed fantasy world still feels immersive in its own way. Attack and other animations feel fluid and interactive despite their limited depth. Ruff can shake the earth causing rocks to fly up and engulf all enemies at once and it seems powerful and creates depth as it covers the ground and enemies.

Here are some cons though thankfully for our wallets this is a pretty reasonably priced game. That being said there are some pretty obvious cost-saving tactics employed here, but it doesn’t ever feel too cheap. The game has more of a low budget or a true indie game vibe to it. Some of the conversations seem a little first-draft-like though and that does seem more like a mistake.

Overall, Ruff Ghanor is a standout title in the realm of deckbuilding games, combining strategic depth, engaging gameplay, and captivating visuals into a unique gaming experience. Whether you’re a veteran strategist or a newcomer to the genre, this game offers something for everyone. Prepare to embark on an epic journey, assemble your deck, and unleash your tactical prowess in this mystical world! Ruff Ghanor gets a 7/10.

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