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Sticky Business Review for Steam

Sticky Business is an addictive simulation game where you run your own small business creating and selling stickers. You play as the proud new owner of a small business where you will use your creativity and imagination to make stickers and ship them out to customers all over the world. Customize each sticker as well as pack orders using a variety of different papers, fillings, and even extra goodies for your customers. You can expand the variety of stickers you can make by buying additional assets to make into stickers and decorations for your packaging to really make your shop stand out. The only limit is your imagination. 

Sticky Business Review for Steam

When you start the game you get to name your character and come up with a name for your shop. Then you get right into the game and design your first sticker, the variety of starting assets you have available is a bit small but you can expand it over time as your shop gains more success. After that you have to print out your stickers so you can package them when new orders come in. Keep in mind that you can only do so much in a day, and every morning new orders will come in based on the stickers in your shop. It’s a little slow going at first but it doesn’t take long for your shop to gain traction as long as you keep your sticker stock fresh and new. There are base fillings and papers you can use to pack up the orders before shipping them off to the customers. You get money based on the amount of stickers people buy but you also get heart points based on how much they love the products. You can use the money to buy different decorations and papers for your packages as well as little candies you can also use in your packages to boost ratings. You use the heart points to buy a variety of new assets you can use in making your stickers. Overall this is a very fun and addictive game you can play to relax and just have fun, the options are near limitless in the stickers you can make and the ways you can package your items to make it unique to you. This game seems simple but is very smooth and polished, on top of that the artstyle and design is very cute and pleasing to look at. 

As for issues I found in this game I can’t really think of any, it’s a very laid back and relaxed game that you can play anytime. The only thing I can think of is that the game can feel a bit repetitive, wake up, pack stickers, make new stickers, unlock or buy things, end the day, and then repeat. But even then with the many options you have that doesn’t become much of an issue unless you are looking for a more action packed experience. Overall the game is amazing for what it was made for as a cute little game where you get to make a variety of interesting and unique stickers.

Sticky Business is a relaxing and fun game where you design and create your own stickers. You get to run your very own small business creating and selling stickers online. From making stickers to personalizing the packaging and unlocking more and more assets for you to work with, the only real limit is your imagination. Sticky Business is a perfect game to just relax and play especially if you like cute little simulators. I am giving this addictive and fun game a 10 out of 10 because there is so much for you to create.

Sticky Business is available for PC via Steam.

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