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TEARDOWN Now Out for PC and Consoles Including New “Time Campers” Premium DLC

TEARDOWN Now Out for PC and Consoles Including New “Time Campers” Premium DLC

Here comes the boom! Tuxedo Labs and Saber Interactive’s Teardown, the award-winning sandbox heist game, makes its console debut today on PlayStation 5 (check out our review!) and Xbox Series X|S. It is also now available for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium|Deluxe subscribers. Experience totally destructible, voxel-simulated action across a variety of game modes and a full campaign featuring multiple expansions – including the new “Time Campers” premium DLC, launching today on PC and consoles.

But hey – big explosions, blaring alarms and an all-around state of general chaos doesn’t mean we can’t have a nice, enjoyable time, as you’ll find out in Teardown’s new console launch trailer featuring the gently contemplative vocal tones of Mr. Owen Wilson.

Check out the Teardown launch trailer:

Starting today, players on consoles and PC can choose from three editions of Teardown:

  • Standard Edition: Get the full Teardown base game for $29.99. (Also available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium|Deluxe subscribers as one of November’s additions to the Game Catalog).
  • Deluxe Edition: Get the base game and the first two premium DLCs – “Time Campers” and the upcoming “Folkrace” – for $39.99.
  • Ultimate Edition: Get the base game, the Season Pass featuring four premium DLCs, and every demolitioner’s best friend, the Quilez R0113R Robot, all for $49.99.

TEARDOWN Now Out for PC and Consoles Including New “Time Campers” Premium DLC

Beyond the full story campaign, Teardown on consoles features a wealth of additional content, including: Sandbox Mode, where you can freely explore and experiment without limits; Creative Mode, where you can easily build your own voxel creations; special challenges; console-friendly UI; and Mod Pack #1, a curated collection of the PC community’s best mods, which is available as a free download now. Players can also feel the sensation of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers with the DualSense wireless controller on PS5 consoles.

Today also kicks off the launch of the “Time Campers” campaign expansion on all platforms. Saddle up for an action-packed ride back to the Wild West, where explosives were dynamite and sledgehammers were…well, still sledgehammers. Use creative problem-solving, trusty horses, and a range of period-appropriate tools to pilfer old-timey materials and pull off daringly destructive escapades across two new maps to fix your time machine and return to our time.

“Time Campers” is the first of four premium DLCs coming to Teardown by the end of 2024. It is available for owners of Teardown’s Deluxe and Ultimate Editions, as well as the Season Pass, available for $29.99 (to celebrate today’s launch, PC players can grab the Season Pass for 33% off until November 22). “Time Campers” can also be purchased standalone for $7.99.

TEARDOWN Now Out for PC and Consoles Including New “Time Campers” Premium DLC

Winner of multiple awards, including Excellence in Design at the Independent Games Festival, with over one million copies sold on Steam, Teardown’s realistic, real-time physics and fully destructible, voxel-simulated, ray-traced world give players immense freedom to discover unique emergent gameplay solutions to nearly any challenge.

For more information, visit, and join the community on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord.

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