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The Thaumaturge Review for Steam

Introduction/Information about The Thaumaturge

The game, The Thaumaturge, is a game that was released on March 4th, 2024. This game is a story driven RPG where players will embark on a journey as Wiktor Szulski to investigate the mysterious truth about the death of his father. I greatly enjoy RPGs. They are one of my favorite genres of games to play. When seeing this game, at first, I was somewhat hesitant. After playing the game and giving it a chance, however, I was surprisingly having a lot of fun. After playing The Thaumaturge, I am very happy to say that this game is very interactive and fun to play.

The Thaumaturge Review for Steam


The gameplay for The Thaumaturge is very interactive. The game will have players searching for clues left and right in hopes to complete their objectives, as well as give them new abilities. As players start the game, they will learn about the backstory of Wiktor Szulski, the main character of the game. Through some story cutscenes in the beginning, the player will learn that Wiktor is searching for a man who can help him with a problem he has. After these cutscenes play, the game will officially start. The player can move around and examine different objects and areas to make observations and conclusions. These observations and conclusions will help the player throughout their journey when interacting with different people, helping to complete the main objectives, as well as side objectives. This is a game mechanic I really enjoy. It had me searching left and right, exploring the world within the game in hopes to find different observations and conclusions. Aside from exploring for observations and conclusions, there is also the battle system of the game.

There are different ways for players to attack their enemies, but the two basic ways are a fast, weaker attack and a slow, stronger attack. Depending on which attack the player uses will determine when the player attacks their enemy. The combat system has a time system. Using this time system will help players determine which attack to use best based on their current situation. This is the basics of the combat system within the game. As players gain experience and levels, they can gain new abilities. These abilities help with both combat and interaction within different areas. The last important mechanic that players must take note of is the decisions they will make. As players talk to different people, they will have to make different decisions based on their current observations and conclusions. Some of these decisions will affect how the story plays out, so players must think carefully on what they say to others. Players must use all of these different mechanics to complete Wiktor’s story and find out what happened concerning the death of his father.

Final thoughts

Overall, I believe the game, The Thaumaturge, is a very fun and interactive RPG. As I said before, I was somewhat hesitant about how I would enjoy this game at first. However, after giving this game a chance, I would say that I was truly enjoying myself. If you are the kind of player who enjoys RPGs and finding your way to make conclusions, then I would highly recommend this game. Players can get this game on Steam, as well as Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Score: 8/10

The Thaumaturge is available for PC via Steam, as well as Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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