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UNSTOPPABLE Review for Steam

Introduction/Information about Unstoppable

The game Unstoppable, by developer and publisher Funnylocks Corp, was officially released on January 11th, 2024 for PC via Steam. Unstoppable is an action adventure survival horror game where players must escape a building filled with infected people that have become psychotic. I enjoy action adventure games and was curious to see how this game would play when seeing it was also a survival game. After playing through the game Unstoppable, I would say that it was pretty fun to play, but does suffer from different bugs and glitches that make the it feel unfinished.

UNSTOPPABLE Review for Steam


The gameplay for Unstoppable is very straightforward and simple. The controls are simple as well. Players can move, interact with different objects, dodge, and attack as well. As the player starts the game, they will be thrown into a building, where the game takes place. All the way at the top of the building, the player must reach the bottom to escape. On the way down, players will come across psychotic enemies that will try to kill them. Players need to use their ability to dodge and attack in order to survive and continue their escape. When using dodge, players should keep an eye on how much stamina they have. If they have no stamina, they will not be able to continue dodging.

When killing enemies, they will drop items that can be used as weapons. These weapons can vary from items such as crowbars and hammers to more powerful weapons such as swords and guns (Although swords and guns are more rare and harder to find than the other weapons). Each weapon has durability before it breaks. If the player uses the weapon too many times, it will break, leaving the player unarmed. Finally, players will come across different healing items they can use to heal themselves when their health is low. The best areas to find these healing items are vending machines. Whenever players see a vending machine, they should check to see if they can get healing items. While I was playing the game, I noticed that the game felt somewhat unpolished and had some bugs. The gameplay and combat was very simple and somewhat slow, which personally is not my type of preference, however the combat being simple is not a bad thing. Mechanics such as dodging and attacking however, sometimes felt delayed to me. Overall, I feel the game can be very good, but just needs to iron out the different bugs and programming issues that are hidden within.

UNSTOPPABLE Review for Steam

Final thoughts

Overall, I believe the game Unstoppable is a fun action adventure survival horror game, but does suffer from different bugs and glitches that make it feel unpolished. The game feels like it has potential to be very good, but it feels to me that the bugs are holding the game back. I feel if Unstoppable can become more polished, it will feel much better and more enjoyable to play. Of course, if you are a player who enjoys action adventure games and survival games of any kind, then I would recommend getting this game.

Unstoppable is available for PC via Steam.

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