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No Rest for the Wicked Preview for Steam Early Access

Moon Studios, a game studio behind the amazing Ori series, has come out with a new RPG, No Rest for the Wicked, which is currently available on Steam Early Access. Moon Studios has done an amazing job on showing an inspiring take on souls-like genre. Though not completely souls-like, you would definitely feel some connection that includes the difficulty during the combat gameplay.

First thing, in No Rest for the Wicked, most players will notice an amazing visual representation of the world, including the cinematics, the environment and character itself. Moon Studio has shown, again, to the world that they are masters of world design art, which definitely reflects during the gameplay.

No Rest for the Wicked Preview for Steam Early Access

The gameplay, on the other hand, is completely different from Ori. The world is three dimensional and the camera angles are more of an isometric view, similar to Diablo. And, the combat focus is pretty much on learning the enemies movements and understanding the guard and parry timing to avoid losing HP.

There are no specific combat classes to select from during Character creation, but are free to use any weapons as long as they have the required stats. So players have the freedom to play the game as they want.

Currently, the game only consists of the first chapter of the game, but it provides a good enough replayability for players to try out the best combat setup for when it comes out of  early access.

There are some bugs fixing and balancing required, including the inventory management, which is very hectic to sort through it seems. The parry timing does feel a little weird and hard to pull off.

Though this is in early access we are hopeful for the future updates and proper balancing of the game’s core mechanics. No Rest for the Wicked is currently for me at around 7 stars, but I could definitely see it going up in the future with full release and the updates.

No Rest for the Wicked is available for PC via Steam.

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