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Free to Play ONCE HUMAN Now Available for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store

With great pleasure, NetEase Games announces the release of Once Human, the highly acclaimed free-to-play open-world survival game set in a postapocalyptic universe. Starry Studio’s Lovecraftian epic, now ranked fifth on Steam’s wishlist, is officially available for PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store , and the Once Human website. This information was released shortly after Once Human became the most played demo at the most recent Steam Next Fest. Along with big updates like new crossover events, narratives, regions, and variants, Once Human is also giving players welcoming gifts and awards with the official release.

You can check out the Once Human trailer HERE

Free to Play ONCE HUMAN Now Available for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store

Experience this otherworldly open world for free

Once Human will take players into an exciting, post-apocalyptic world where they must team up with other players to fight for survival and discover the truth about the ongoing cosmic invasion. The game is available for free once. Conquer scary foes, construct sanctuaries, and discover if you still have the answer to the question of what it is to be human.

The Earth has been tainted by an enigmatic alien material called “Stardust,” reducing the globe to a post-apocalyptic state and turning life as we know it into a nightmare. You Metas have the power to choose how humanity will develop in the future, whether you go it alone or form coalitions with other survivors.

Discover a Huge Open World Filled with Odd Animals

Feel free to team up with other players to face the unknown and repel adversaries as you travel to discover the truth behind the apocalyptic horrors. Take part in thrilling conflicts where the keys to victory are reflexes, teamwork, and strategies. As you navigate the vast open world, discover five areas, five factions, and more than fifty different sorts of deviants spread throughout more than one hundred Strongholds.

Distinctive monsters and immersive design

Take in stunning sights and state-of-the-art 3D features like dynamic weather and ray tracing as you explore a world influenced by post-apocalyptic aesthetics, Lovecraftian horror, and the SCP Foundation.

Meet rare “Anima” monsters like the Ancient One, a winged beast that has already won the hearts of many gamers, or the Wanderer, a walking bus that prowls the earth. As you immerse yourself further with the Fitness System, Limb-based Combat System, and Sanity System, capture deviations to aid with your survival.

Discover the uncharted territory on your own terms.

You can construct sanctuaries anywhere in the woods and decorate them anyway you choose. Anything goes when it comes to safeguarding your hard-earned riches; hide them behind walls and use a variety of defensive armaments. Let your imagination run free and let your creativity flow!

Once Human combines multiplayer gameplay with open world survival, supporting a maximum of 4,000 players. Every player has the ability to instantly impact the game world by forming alliances or going to war with other players.

New territory, side missions, primary plot, and deviations

The primary plot develops to the new “Blackheart” area, where players can take on a variety of new open-world side missions and meet new foes while learning more about the apocalyptic mysteries. Lowe will have even more deviation-capturing activities, such as Identity V and “Paper Doll” from the Onmyoji series.

Highway Pursuit is the new PvP mode.

If attackers search for it, this brand-new PvP mode offers out unique reward-vehicles that contain priceless loot. PvP may only be activated by approaching each vehicle, therefore players are urged to use caution when other people are around.

Official rewards and gifts

New players can complete missions or invite friends to join in order to receive gifts including cosmetic items and accessories. So make sure to join the official release to benefit from a host of rewards! Pre-registered players can claim the AKM skin “The Call of the Giant Octopus,” a Meta’s Cap, a piece of furniture, and a pair of Dragon Fist Gloves!

For more information, visit the official website, Steam, X-Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

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