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Lifeless Moon Launches on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

Today, Lifeless Worlds and Serenity Forge (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, LISA: Definitive Edition) announced the launch of the enigmatic adventure Lifeless Moon, for Xbox, PlayStation, and Epic Games Store. A teaser depicting the upcoming journey was shown alongside today’s debut.

Check out the Lifeless Moon Launch Trailer:

In the intriguing 3D platformer Lifeless Moon, you embark on a lunar expedition akin to an Apollo mission. Discover unsettling yet captivating landscapes that make it difficult to distinguish between the known and the unknown, forcing you to determine your actual position in the cosmos. On the desolate moon, mysteries lie ahead, waiting to be discovered and secrets that will enable you to survive and discover the truth.

Knowing the tragedies that the explorers who came before you experienced may be the key to retracing their steps and reaching your home. Crack codes, interpret hints, and become an expert in cutting-edge technologies as you start to see your new world more broadly. Players will come across odd occurrences and use their amazing abilities to solve the puzzle and find the truth.

Lifeless Moon Launches on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

Lifeless Moon is the spiritual successor of Lifeless Planet, which over its existence went from being a cult hit to having almost 10 million players.

Visit the official website, follow Lifeless Worlds on YouTube and X-Twitter, and stay up to date with Lifeless Moon. Visit the Serenity Forge team’s website and X-Twitter feed to stay up to date on everything.

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