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Heads Up! Phones Down Edition Review for Xbox

In this friendly game of heads-up, you have to tell the person who has the card in there and explain it to them before time runs out. How about we do it on an Xbox game that can make it interesting for users who don’t use cards for the video game, but a screen TV to play this game? The game, Heads Up Phone Down Edition, is like a normal game of Heads Up but in a game where you get to play as many of the topics you choose from the list they offer and play this usual game-like game night event.

Heads Up! Phones Down Edition Review for Xbox

Heads Up Phone Down Edition starts by picking a topic. I chose a random topic to get the idea of the game and that was pop culture. Then, when the game was about to pop out, I thought Artificial intelligence was going to play a big role in this game. I was going to the guy who gives hints but I ended up seeing the words related to pop culture and was confused about what I was supposed to do because all I saw was the word ‘sing when I pressed the button on my controller. It changed to another, I was confused by the game’s purpose when my time limit was up. So I tried again with a different topic, and it was the same thing of words popping on the screen predicting that AI was going to help me but it was the same thing. I may be a slow learner and haven’t played Heads Up in a while when I was doing a game night with family and friends, but when I figured out the purpose, I invited my sister to come to play the game and tried again with Pop culture because my sister knows a lot about that pop culture. We played the game like we did when It was a game night in the living room. We were having fun even though we only had 4 words that we did. I figured that the purpose was that the guy who has the controller tells the guesser who turns around and also can’t look at the screen and guesses the word from the guy who has the controller and gives the description of the word. It did feel like a game of heads but in a game,  a clever idea for a video game like that.

Throughout the time the family played three times on that day with my sister and we were having the time of our lives when we played this game. Then other family members of mine joined in the fun to see what was going on with a strange and fun idea of a game of Heads up! Phones Down game.

The game was a little confusing from the beginning because it did not give me a sign that I needed two people to join this game with only one controller. The art and UI were well laid out, and the game overall was fun to play with friends and family. I feel like technology and games like this can take over family game night instead of using cards, a fun way to play Heads-up.


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