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Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets Review for Xbox

Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets is developed by SURT and published by tinyBuild. In this game, you control your character’s movements not with your controller but also with music with the buttons on your controller. Rhythm Sprout is a game in which you use your brain and fingers to tap the button quickly to make your character move and advance through the next round. Rhythm Sprout can be a fun challenge, but playing the levels can be a rough first experience.

Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets Review for Xbox

When the Rhythm Sprout began, I became confused about setting it up with my game controller; the rules are for the game. After that, we get to the main character, a little onion named Sprout. The leaders of the Onions quested Sprout to rescue the princess and bring her safely back to the castle. When I finished the narrative, I started struggling with moving the controller as if something was wrong. I thought when the pink beats came up, they looked like it is something animate they did. But when I started thinking about when the music played, I felt the pink beats were beats to make the character move. When that was the case, it worked and kept going to increase my score, and even if I missed the beat, I kept going till the end of the level. I went and did that level again to get a better score, I did it like four times knowing I can get a better score, and it worked. Once I got to the next level, it was the same thing, but there are yellow beats in the round, and tried to press it but end up losing points because of it thinking what is the puzzle of this? In the end, I didn’t get a good score. But when I did the level, I realized that the yellow beats were combo points meaning when I press the pink beats as fast as I can so when before Sprout moves past the yellow beats to get combo points. Plus if I couldn’t press it otherwise I lose points. By the end, I got a better score and did this level again to get a better one.

Till the next level came, it was the same thing as the previous but there was an enemy in that game. I realized I needed to press the pink beats as fast as I can to defeat them, It was hard at first but once I got the riddle of it, it was a win for me.

Throughout Rhythm Sprout, the levels got harder and more musical as the game progressed, which made it more exciting as it continued with this musical journey to complete any level of the game and make sure that Sprout is playing along with the music and the story.

Overall, Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets was enjoyable and very musical for a game that is very different when you are moving characters not by moving but by music and continuing with the beat of the soundtrack of this game. Some of the levels were frustrating and hard to complete, but I still liked it. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves music and wants to try a game where music is the goal of winning the game.


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