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Tribe: Primitive Builder Review for Steam

When it comes to this game, whether or not you get the plot, the world-building, and the story are what shine in Tribe Primitive Builder, by developers Space Boat Studios, Polyslash, and Baked Games S.A., and publisher PlayWay S.A. This is a survivor game where you explore the island you are stuck in and a land full of exiles where tribe people are masked in the game. The goal is to make sure that you have enough to survive, not just for yourself but for the everyone. You will have to search for items, know what and how to manage, and hunt for food and water before it is too late for the destruction of the land where you try to keep your folks happy and safe.

Tribe: Primitive Builder Review for Steam

Tribe Primitive Builder opens up with the whole story , which looks like what a world-building game should. The story felt compelling, with the narrator in an intense voice, talking about how he was serving the people by building with sticks and was banished from the island for offending the people for building an altar. However, they didn’t like when the gods struck it with lightning and threw the character to the ocean ending up getting saved by the tribe. After the intensity of the narrator’s tragic story, the game starts just looking around the island trying to figure out what to do. I started finding people from this island to get more detail to play the game. I saw that I could collect objects from the land to build such as vines, rocks, food, and other items that are necessary to live. I talked to one of the elders who spoke to me in a different language saying to me how he appreciated my building a place with island tools that I used and was hoping to do more for the people of the tribe. I took the words of the elders and started to build, innovate, and explore new things around the island.

When I figured out what I needed to do, the game got more interesting, and I played more quests and collected items that I needed to make on the island. I got better at hunting when I was wandering off collecting as many sticks, rocks, and food that are needed. I learned how to fish with the fishing weapon, and created a better place for the people there. I feel like I learned something about world-building and communication since the game is supposed to finish and make the best house with sticks as best as I can.

I am not a fan of world-building games when you are talking about Minecraft or Roblox, but Tribe Primitive Builder was really fun. The 3D world was amazing to look at, The character design of the tribes looked really well done and fun to look at, and the gameplay made the story interesting and compelling to the Pilot. Overall, Tribe Primitive Builder is a fantastic game, and I certainly will try to get more into world-building games.


Tribe: Primitive Builder is available for PC via Steam.

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