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High On Life Review for Xbox

A great deal of laughter and drama when humans and aliens worked together to defeat the bad guys in the game. High on Life, by developer Squanch Games, is a game that makes you want to laugh but also faces puzzles and kills as many bounty hunter killers as possible by becoming a master bounty hunter.

High On Life Review for Xbox

Minor Spoilers

The beginning of the game seemed confusing when it started as a 2D pixel game. High on Life begins as one personal shooter game where I killed as many aliens as I could, but only to be paused while the game witched into a 3D version where the gamer had to be stopped by her sister Lizzie. She tells her sibling (whose name is not known or whose gender is not known) that their parents left and that their sibling did not say goodbye to them, which made them mad when they wrote a note on the refrigerator. When the siblings were about to get into the car, A group of aliens suddenly appeared and ate one of the neighbors on their street, and killed their kind with a gun, I picked up a suspicious Gun that talked was name Kenny; Kenn asked me to shoot the aliens. Kenny wanted to take the kids away from earth to a space city because he believed they wouldn’t be safe on earth under G3 control. I soon get into a place called Blim City which is like a dumpster fireplace.

We soon meet a guy who goes by Jean, a former bounty hunter and now homeless who is willing to help us if he gets his knife back by going into the sewer and taking it by facing humanoid flies. When I finally got there, we found a talking knife name “Knifey” as I guessed because his passion is just stabbing people. I soon got into our first leader 9-Torg who was a bit difficult but managed to figure out a way to defeat her. When that was over, Jean wanted us to keep the knife because he was a threat to Jean. After all, Knifey is a stabber and gives help and encouragement to become a master at Bounty Hunting and go into the planets to defeat all the G3 cartels and bosses.

High on Life made me laugh and fall off my chair. The storyline was engaging, the settings were beautiful, and the character development was spot-on hilarious, especially Kenny, who is my favorite character. I enjoyed interacting with Kenny because of his unique personality and the fact that he acts as if he has never done these missions before, but he was both encouraging and humorous.

High on Life was probably one of the best of the best games of 2022 that I played that was recently released. But also came to know why people called this the funniest game of the year because most of the characters were very funny. I was excited to continue with this game with all of the explicit adventures that were explored and were laughable.


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