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McPixel 3 Review for Steam

McPixel 3, by developer Sos Sosowski and publisher Devolver Digital, follows the same story as the other previous version of “McPixel”; When a man name McPixel tries to save the day with insane tasks that the game allows the character to do, which makes me wanna laugh and enjoy it at the same time. McPixel 3 has one of the craziest and most insane storylines in a game that can be imagined using this kind of setting and how the McPixel behaves in the game. With the crazy outcomes after task after task and puzzles that need to be solved to advance, McPixel 3 has just that of a hilarious narrative and gameplay.

McPixel 3 Review for Steam

Slight Spoilers: The game begins with introducing the character McPixel as a pixel character that we see in old games like this. It starts with him on a stage walking to a bomb and needing to figure out how to disable to bomb before it explodes. When I picked up the bomb, the character puts out a knife and fork and ate pieces of the bomb. Then the toilet came out all of a sudden that makes sense if you want to poop out the bomb, When he sits down on the toilet, he poops out all the pieces of the bomb and got around 10 seconds to put all the pieces together, when I accomplished it, the toilet water explodes, and the character flyers out of the stage, and lands into the city. Afterward, when I bought stuff with my coins that I have I took McPixel on the train, and that is where the fun begins. It started with the train being to fall off a cliff and inside the train, the character was an old man, a fish, and a woman holding the fishbowl. When I clicked the man, McPixel beats him up until he drops down, then I clicked on the fishbowl and he jumps on the fishbowl with his head, and then the train fell off the cliff, with a 10% completion, through the task other tasks were hilarious to save the day like drinking as much water as you can to pee on the fire to make it disappear, beating up militants when the plan is crashing and try to safely land on an island, shooting ships in space, and much more funny task. When I figured out the solution, I was able to complete every puzzle task at this level and save the day thanks to McPixel’s insane moves to help citizens and militants.  

McPixel 3 was entertaining and funny to play. The music showed compassion to this game as the story moves forward and the settings of the task that I did were amazing to look at when it was a pixelation game.  

Even though it was a bit of a challenge trying to figure out the puzzles, the game had so much of a story that I wanted to continue playing these tasks and gain more coins. McPixel 3 can be recommended to anyone who enjoys puzzle games and follows the McPixel game series. 


McPixel 3 is available for PC for $9.99 via Steam.

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