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STRAY SOULS Nightmarish Psychological Thriller Heading to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC October 25th

Independent game studio Jukai Studio and publisher Versus Evil have announced that the mystery-driven psychological horror game, Stray Souls will launch October 25th on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4|5 and Xbox Series S|X for $29.99. Pre-orders are currently live on Xbox.

Check out the Stray Souls release date trailer HERE

STRAY SOULS Nightmarish Psychological Thriller Heading to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC October 25th

PC players will be able to purchase the Stray Souls: Cult Classic Edition for $39.99, which includes the official soundtrack and Sacred Tome artbook. The soundtrack features legendary guest composer Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill) and veteran indie composer Pete Wicher. The Stray Souls OST contains a total of 60 tracks and over 3 hours of music, including exclusive bonus tracks not featured in the game. The Sacred Tome is an unholy compendium that includes a gorgeous collection of gothic watercolor illustrations from the vault of artist Phil Worobey, plus a complete digital lore library encompassing all the discoverable notes, letters, and various documentation found throughout the game.

To commemorate this launch, Watcher’s popular YouTube paranormal investigation series Ghost Files is getting its own Stray Souls-inspired episode on October 20th, in which hosts Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej conduct their first private home investigation for the show. Utilizing some of the same tactics Daniel uses in the game, the Ghoul Boys attempt to make contact with the spirits who haunt both the home and the Duyck family.

“We at Jukai Studio have been obsessed with horror games for seemingly our whole lives. Members of our team have contributed to titles like The Medium and Visage in the past, but Stray Souls allowed us to really flex our creative muscles and use our expertise to put our own spin on both J-horror and survival horror,” said Artur Łączkowski, Owner & Director at Jukai Studio. “Being able to get Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka on board was a clear sign that our vision was coming through to an industry legend, so we’re excited to finally share the full game with the public just in time for Halloween!”

“Stray Souls is the first psychological horror game in Versus Evil’s history, and we couldn’t be more excited about its release,” said Dave Hulegaard, Sr. Brand Manager of Versus Evil. “The talented team at Jukai Studio are students of the genre, and their passion is on full display from Daniel’s very first chilling encounter with the paranormal.”

For more information, visit Versus Evil via Facebook, Twitter X, YouTube, Instagram, and Discord.

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