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Contenders: Arena Demo Impressions for Steam

Contenders: Arena is a fast paced 3v3 battle arena game, developed by Gamescan and published by Contenders Universe. We recently tried out the Demo that was released on Steam. Contenders: Arena provides players with 3 different options of characters/gladiators, based on different skills and attributes. Each gladiator type has its own placement on the team, fast paced agile Runner type, combat specialized Striker or heavily armored tank Defender.

Contenders: Arena Demo Impressions for Steam

The player movements include sprinting, wall running, sliding, double jump and grinding rails. Not all the types of gladiators can utilize all the movements, like Defender which is a bulky type is provided with different abilities for compensation. Each arena is built specifically to utilize all the character movements and strategize the combat tactically.

In addition, players can have different weapon loadouts and additional ultimate skills per gladiator type. Players can earn different rewards like character skins, weapon skins, level up rewards, or completing certain challenges including ranked, seasonal rewards.

Contenders: Arena is filled with fast paced adrenaline filled action, utilizing a bunch of available character type, movements, weapons and ability to create a unique mix of battle arena which will never bore you. And looking at the demo, it feels like a promising entry for people looking for a new PvP game when it fully launches.

Contenders: Arena playable demo is available for PC via Steam.

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