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HUMANITY Review for PlayStation 5

Humanity is a puzzle platformer developed by THA ltd, and published by Enhance. Humanity starts off with us as a player controlling a dog who is able to provide directions to the crowd of humans to reach their end goal. It’s an interesting take on puzzle games, and directs the crowd to the goal in each level.

On top of getting the crowd to the goal, the players are also provided with adding a golden human to each level which gives an additional unique twist of adding imagination for players to explore how they want to complete the level. Over time, the levels keep adding new mechanics including jump action and climbing the platforms. 

HUMANITY Review for PlayStation 5

Each part of Humanity depicts a different kind of environment after a few of the levels are completed. In the later levels the game turns into a completely RTS format, and also adding newer powers overtime that allows players to crowd control. Also, allowing the players to move certain objects provides some interesting way of brain teasing. It is very interesting and each level is never repeated in terms of designing. It’s always some different ideas players will have to think of. Over time, the additional powers are also taken away from players and makes the player to start thinking from the basics again.

The failure of level is defined by how many humans incorrectly jumped off of the platform before getting to the end goal of the level.

There is a normal VR mode available for the level that players can try and though it doesn’t seem very different, it does give players a way to experience levels as though being inside the world of Humanity itself.

Overall, the game is an amazing platformer, no doubt about it, and never-ending puzzle solving brings a sense of uniqueness to the game. I would rate Humanity 8 out of 10.

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