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Turbo Kid Review for Steam

Platformer games are on the rise lately and a lot of indie developers are coming up with some unique take on the platformer games. One such category is metroidvania games based off of the class Metroid game. Recently we tried out Turbo Kid, which brings its own unique take on such a category of games, that is developed and published by Outerminds.

Turbo Kid Review for Steam

Turbo Kid is based on the movie with a similar name which follows the story of a lone warrior named Turbo Kid who takes on a quest to cross the Wasteland filled with creeps and scoundrels that will need to be defeated. While trying to get through the wasteland, Turbo Kid loses his accessories and weapons, and this is where our game starts off at. Initial few hours of the game are like a tutorial where you are retrieving your bike and weapons, and get used to them. Also it gives you a chance to explore the settlements and interact with a few NPCs and receive quests from them.

The game is completely 2D with pixelated art style. And the world is pretty much open to exploration, though due to missing some accessories you might not be able to reach certain locations on the map, but once you recover and complete the first two quests you should be good to get the exploration started.

The player has the option to use the Turbo shot, a gun like weapon, equipped with additional charged shot, a machete for melee attacks and the bike that allows you to do faster travel, plus reaching extra heights. But there are additional accessories and cartridges that can be accessed later while exploring the wasteland to reach. Cartridges can be equipped and provide additional passive abilities. You can receive additional hearts either by finding them in wasteland or buying them using the scraps that can be retrieved by killing enemies or destroying the boxes laid around in the wasteland.

Players have access to a bunch of side activities and content to complete while exploring the wastelands. And sometimes fighting bosses and platforming makes it very much challenging to complete quests.

We tried the game on Steam Deck and though it doesn’t have Steam Deck verification, it runs extremely well on the platform. And this makes it a perfect addition for your Steam games.

Overall, Turbo Kid bridges the gap between the first movie and the upcoming sequel. And brings some interesting gameplay that I have not experienced in a platformer game before. Though sometimes combat gets a little repetitive the amount of content provided in the game pretty much covers for it. I would rate this game 9 stars out of 10.

Turbo Kid is available for PC via Steam.

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