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Spider-Man 2 Review for PlayStation 5

Marvel Spider Man returns, bigger and better than ever with Spider-Man 2. Insomniac did it, twice the size, twice the Spider Men, and an amazing cast of characters with a great story. 

Spider-Man 2 doesn’t take long to pit players against one of the amazing bosses from the Spider Man games, which also acts as tutorial for new and returning players. It is amazing how the game has shown you about the differences between two Spideys and their abilities, where Peter Parker is raw power and Miles Morales is quick and agile. Gameplay does bring some amazing improvements to the previous games, and you can see the differences with both Spider Men, while switching between them. From the style of swinging to the different abilities and skills. 

There are two different skill trees for Peter and Miles and there is a common one that both of them share here. And somehow it never overwhelms you. One of the newest additions is the slingshot move that you probably have seen in the movies, but now you get to experience it through this game. And on top of that, there is the new web wings mechanics that lets you glide. This makes traversal such a fun between web swinging, slingshot and gliding.

Combat, on the other hand, is similar but gadgets have been toned down which is a good improvement over the previous games, and with controls that don’t let you waste time switching between the gadgets. 

Overall, the story does seem to be a little bit shortened compared to the first game, and the amount of side activities have been toned down significantly. But the story, no matter what, introduces some amazing new villains and some old villains, including the previous game’s big baddy Martin Li getting a redemption arc. It does feel a bit underwhelming that we don’t get to see the New Game Plus with the launch. Also, there are a few bugs here and there that do break progression, which can be easily fixed by restarting from the last checkpoint. 

But, there are still fun things to do while doing side activities that include tons of different spider suits for both Peter and Miles, with some of them having different color customization. And let’s not forget the photo mode.

Overall, Spider-Man 2 is a solid sequel, with a great story, and I hope we get some new additions with future updates including the New Game Plus and DLCs. Overall, I would give Spider-Man 2 a solid 9 out 10.

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