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SYNCED Review for Steam

SYNCED is a futuristic third person shooter game, developed by NExT Studios and published by Level Infinite. The game is a free to play, co-op/competitive shooter. SYNCED is unique in bringing players to a futuristic world, which is overrun by humanoid enemies called Nanos. Nanos have very different bodies that look like carbon fiber, graphite and nanotubes.

Players can choose their base characters from different kinds of runners with different background stories, skills and perks. Each different character has different strategic values, like Deadcut is great for dealing damages with its skills like Fire Grenade, whereas, Dr. Stone is great for healing, Glory Zhao is great for slowing down enemies and applying status effects and Ragna can detect enemies and also extends the skills to teammates. 

As the name suggests, SYNCED is a term for providing the additional companion, Nanos, that players can sync to allow players to utilize them in combat. Similar to different characters, there are different companion Nanos that players can sync to.

SYNCED Review for Steam

SYNCED has a safe area called Haven just like any other co-op games that provide different missions to players or allow them to choose to enter in either PVE/PVP environment. Here, you customize or mod your loadout specific to weapons and companion Nanos, which can be upgraded as you like, and also provide different shops where players can purchase real money.

PvP runs are straightforward where players are dropped into a map with 3v3 setups and you can use companion Nanos in the mix as well; PvE is designed with the campaign mission which players will have to clear a few hordes or Nanos and defeat a boss Nano for that stage;, this can be done in solo or co-op. Though solo mode is available. it’s best to utilize co-op through Haven either with friends or do matchmaking, since it will be a tough battle overtime. Players will have drops from both modes that can be used to upgrade your loadouts.

Combat and Graphics of the SYNCED definitely are well polished and very much elaborates the whole back story of the game. Also, I think the devs have done a great job in not cramming too many skills for players and kept it just enough so they are not overwhelmed.

Overall, SYNCED is a great free-to-play 3rd person shooter, though I am personally not a big fan of PvP. SYNCED works great for PvP players and definitely attracts players back for another game, whereas PvE levels have no replay value currently. However, with future updates, you never know the game can be turned around completely.

I would rate SYNCED 7 out of 10.

SYNCED is free-to-play for PC via Steam.

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