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Warframe TennoCon Event Impressions

Developer and Publisher Digital Extremes gave us some amazing showcases of the upcoming updates on Warframe and some gameplay of their upcoming game, Soulframe, and we are really excited to share the info revealed during TennoCon.


Warframe is coming out with some upcoming 10th anniversary events that includes some free drops and Heirloom collections. And the update for Halloween that includes frames, dojo updates and weapons included. Also the Halloween update is also coming out with some biggest Quality of Life changes.

Warframe is also coming with a cross save addition that has been a long requested feature. In addition to that, Warframe has a new story arc coming later this year that includes a new hub, weapon types and a bunch of additional new content added.

And last but not least a showcase teaser for Warframe 1999 expansion update that will be added soon. People will be excited to know that Warframe is coming for iOS soon and players will be able to play it soon on their handheld.

Warframe TennoCon Event Impressions

But TennoCon is not just about sharing info on Warframe only; there is also Soulframe, which is an upcoming MMORPG setup in fantasy world. Showcasing a 30-minute gameplay (seen below), which was graphically looking amazing. Soulframe will have player go through procedurally generated dungeons and will allow mounts for faster traversal. The objective of the game is to gather the souls and there is some hack and slash elements to the combat. Overall definitely looking forward to Soulframe personally.

Check out the Soulframe Trailer:

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