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Puzzle games have been on a rise, and the games are evolving in the current industry as well. The players who want some mental challenges, always go with the puzzle games. Without Escape is one of a kind puzzle/horror game as well.  Bumpy Trail Games has developed and published Without Escape and the game is available on Steam.

Without Escape is pretty much a point and click game. The game has a pretty good startup. Without Escape has a really good start and with a lot of things going on, the player has great ambiguity of what to do. That is when the actual game starts where the player has to start thinking of what to do. The level design is really interesting and as players, we have to keep going back and forth and find the clues and items to unravel the mystery of what is going on.


Without Escape takes a big turn mid game when everything changes and players find themselves inside a different universe – that kind of was really horrific and interesting at the same time. The audio in game made everything more scary as the background music changes and that is a really important thing as well. The game is not really long and there are not a lot of areas for exploration but the available items and areas are good enough to keep a player scratching their head sometimes.

The good thing about Without Escape is that based on different choices we make, the ending changes and to get all different endings the player needs to either restart the game or restart the game from last saves just before the important choices. Without Escape is a really good choice for players who don’t want to play the long games and don’t have enough time to play through the whole story-based games. The game can take even a couple of hours to many hours depending on how soon you are able to solve all the puzzles.

Overall. Without Escape is a really good puzzle/point and click game. The game gives a good amount of exercise for the mind. I would give this game a 7.5 stars out of 10.

Check Out the Without Escape Launch Trailer:

Without Escape is available on, Windows Store, and Steam.

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