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PAX East 2023: FORT SOLIS Impressions

Fort Solis is a Single Player, story-based cinematic experience, developed by Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar Games and published by Dear Villagers.

PAX East 2023: FORT SOLIS Impressions

We had a hands-on experience, with the story of Fort Solis, where our character, an Engineer on Mars, is responding to a routine alarm and is exposed to some events that after investigating reveals the truth behind it. The gameplay of Fort Solis is very straightforward but suggesting to not leave out any unexplored left as is, as it might reveal a bunch of backstories and change different ways the story unravels. Fort Solis looks good in the early build visually and graphically so players will have a great time diving into the story of the game. After talking with the developers, there doesn’t seem to be any horror aspects but there are certain events, especially some quick time events, that might startle players.

Fort Solis is planned to be released sometime in Summer, but not a release date available yet. Definitely looks like a very promising game for any player that loves Single Player experiences, and that, too, on Mars.

You can wishlist the game right now via Steam.

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