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Zoeti Review for Steam

Card based games are not uncommon nowadays, as they have become a common genre, but then a new card based game comes out with some unique mechanics that players might not have expected. Zoeti is such a game that we recently played, developed by Dusklight CO. Ltd and published by Akupara Games.

Zoeti is a medieval fantasy setting where the goddess named Zoeti and her counterpart are in a war. We are introduced to the first playable character, Valentina, a knight. In total there are three total playable characters, the second character is an assassin focused more on combos and counters, and the third playable character is a sorcerer/magician who uses elemental spells.

Zoeti Review for Steam

Zoeti starts off with a tutorial introduction, given our NPC guide. We start off our adventure by selecting Trials which players would like to do. Each quest has multiple paths a player can take. And depending on how you play strategically, you can complete the quest, each different path has its own pros and cons, some paths are enemy heavy but provide some good skills to obtain, or players can avoid the enemies to receive items/skills, sometimes you can encounter NPCs that can help you. On the path there is the possibility to receive campsites to recover and upgrade abilities as well. And at the end of the path players will have to fight the final boss of the route, depending on how players have been provided with the skills you can make or break the game. Honestly Zoeti can be brutal if players are not thinking and spending upgrades on skills randomly. 

So, to brief how the battle works, players will encounter turn based combats. But the twist here is that the player will have randomly selected cards from 52 cards deck, and the attack/defense skills are based on the poker hands you have. The more unique poker hand you have will have a stronger attack/defense ability assigned to it. All the skills that you received as a reward at the end of the battle will be for those poker hands only. And players can equip/unequip the skills during the resting moments either at the inn or at the campsite. 

After each quest player will retire back to the inn and meditate to recover some health and/or set up the equipment or skills, and also upgrade them. The next morning players can engage in activities to talk to others to gather info and/or go to the shops to pick up recovery items.

Overall, Zoeti is a game based on a unique formula to use poker hands as your attack skills and abilities. To ease the combat players can even use a single card to consistently attack the enemies, which depending on the buffs from skills you can deal huge damage or minimal damage. But the game is completely based on luck, and also the difficulty is very consistently high, which can make players lose interest over time.

I would rate Zoeti 7.5 out of 10.

Zoeti is available for $19.99 PC via Steam. There is also a Demo available.

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