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PAX East 2023: Apogee Entertainment Games Impressions

Here are the impressions of the Apogee Entertainment games booth at PAX East 2023.

PAX East 2023: Apogee Entertainment Games Impressions

Turbo Overkill

If you love Doom, you will definitely love Turbo Overkill, developed by Trigger Happy Interactive and published by Apogee Entertainment.

Turbo Overkill is a First Person Shooter, set in a cyberpunk futuristic world, where players are pitted against an advanced AI. Turbo Overkill has some amazing mechanics that include a chainsaw weapon attached to the leg and additional cybernetics upgrade that will be unlocked as players move through the story. The game is very fast paced and allows the player to perform some amazing melee and ranged kills depending on the situation. 

Enemies grow stronger as we move through different levels. And will pose additional challenges. Players will completely turn robotic after getting all the cybernetics and upgrades, and there are additional skills with weapons that players upgrade using the in-game currency that can be earned by killing enemies. 

There are also some fun collectibles that players can get while exploring each level. The graphics are definitely interesting and provide an interesting mix of visually stunning plus pixel graphics.

Turbo Overkill is already available for Steam Early Access and definitely feels like a game that the speed running community will enjoy.

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